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Strengthening Communication Skills and Effective Behavior

Spirits Healing Souls near Wichita, Kansas, offers equine assisted learning and  psycho therapy to help members of the community as well as those who serve and protect the community.. Since horses often mirror a human being's behavior, you can learn how others view you as you practice different techniques to improve social and personal skills. With our training, you can interact with people more effectively with improved behavior modification skills.

Understanding Body Language

Increase your knowledge of behavior by observing how horses use body language to communicate how they are feeling. In each session, you will home in on signs that allow you to spot anger, danger, or feelings of being content or calm. Once you learn how to read a horse's behavior, you can experience better results in communicating with others. Horses use body language to communicate how they are feeling, such as:

  • Bucking
  • Ear and Tail Flicking
  • Kicking
  • Head Tossing
  • Running
  • Stomping

Our Horses


Hank JR aka Junior







 Our newest addition to our team, OREO, was rescued by Carol L.M. and has found her place among the others. Marie joined the herd with her pasture buddy, Jack.  Jack has learned where the apple treats are, and will usually be the first to greet you when you arrive.

Beautiful Horse In the FieldHorse Stomping Foot

One-On-One Equine Assisted Services

Our horses have different types of behaviors that can help you to better understand yourself or others. Chigger is friendly and works well with teens, and wants to find a friend each day, but she may change her mind from day to day. Hank, Jr. wants to be everyone's friend and can help you if you struggle with depression or trust issues. Each member of the herd has a job and we can see those jobs carry over into the training classes and sessions. 

In Memory of Former Members of the Herd

We greatly miss and cherish the memory of horses that were part of our herd for many years and made an impact on many people. Rock is missed by all of us and had to be euthanized on September 19, 2013. His quality of life was diminishing due to health condition associated with his old age of 28. He will be missed by many. RIP, old boy.

Aurora is a great loss to the herd and the staff here at Spirits Healing Souls.  Her loss has left the herd and the people who knew her heartbroken. At 32 years old she had a good long life RIP, pretty lady.