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Learning is healing

EAL services

Businesses are moving the training room out to the arena. Horses have become teachers for Educators, Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, sales people, managers and supervisors of many industries.   Equine Assisted Learning is becoming a successful way to create efficiency in a team and empathy for others.  Horses are great listeners of human's non-verbal communication.  Having a workshop with horses in an arena or field can get people to think outside the box.  Leadership skills, team building as well as communication skills are enhanced thrugh workshops with horses.

Like people, horses are social animals with defined roles within their herds.  Just like people, they like to be with their peers. Horses have distinct personalities and moods that influence the herd, just like people do in the work area.  Most importantly horses like to have fun just like humans.  All these attributes come together to create self awareness in the individual's learning with horses.

See what some groups have to say about using horses as instructors.

Officer working on understanding body lanuage


Officer debriefing on the skill 


Youth program study


Healing is learning

EAP services 

Equine Assisted Counseling is a new resource in the industry of mental health. Therapists are having much success with their clients through the use of horses in the sessions.  Horses will mirror our behavior, and that is how we learn to understand ourselves.  Horses show us how others see us.  Children and adults with ADHD learn how to lower their energy levels so they can get close to the horse. How individuals interact with horses easily will transfer to how they interact with people. Horses and people have many things in common.  We like to be around others.  People like to feel safe.  All of us want to be comfortable in our space.  Individuals like to be part of a group.  It is human nature to be curious about things around us.  Horses are the same way.  This is why they make great tools in the mental health profession. 


Not all therapist have access to horses. Spirits Healing Souls is a facility where therapist can come and help clients through the spirit of the horse. This process is done with the mental health specialist and an equine specialist working together to keep the client and horse(s) safe. This is a client driven approach to therapy. Horses' behavior and the client's interpretation of that behavior are what drives this type of therapy. The clients' interpretation of the horses behavior allows the client to see how their behavior influences others around them.  

Spirits Healing Souls is a private ranch.  We at Spirits Healing Souls know privacy is a top priority for your clients.



Body Language


Horses use body language to communicate how they are feeling.  Kicking, bucking,running, head tossing, ear and tail flicking, and stomping are a few examples


Our bodies provide us with valuable information all the time. Many people aren't used to tuning into their physical experience. Body signs can tell us when we are about to get angry, when somthing is dangerous, or when we feel happy or calm. 

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